When baby name SEO gets out of control

First, let me present this, sent to me from a friend who is a part of what is essentially a mom’s group on Facebook.

baby names


As someone who is one of many, many Stephanie Simons (and someone married to a Michael Simon, no, not that Michael Symon), I appreciate the focus on wanting a unique name. I considered not taking my husband’s name because of it.

In a world of Google, I think it could be forward-thinking to give your baby a name with good SEO. I’ve seen numerous articles about naming your baby a la a brand.

But this isn’t a car. Or an energy drink. Or a podcast company (Startup did a fascinating ‘cast on naming their company, Gimlet, which is worth a listen). This is a BABY. Who will become an adult human who will introduce himself as the name you select for the rest of his life. Reconsider.