Indy #ONAcamp: A few cool things

Lots of information from Friday’s ONAcamp in Indianapolis (see a Storify here). Here are a few things I found interesting:tumblr_inline_nlfe70fWXj1s49mrd_500

-NOLA Listening Post: You’ve seen those “We buy old houses” signs on the interstate off-ramps, right? Now imagine that with questions for your community. “Why did you stay in NOLA?” “What’s missing in New Orleans?” What an interesting way to engage in the community and get story ideas.
-No Slack-ers: Billy Penn is engaging Millennials in Philly by having conversations about stories (even if they didn’t write them). They’re starting to use a public Slack channel as a way to have conversation with their communities.  Plus they’re showing people how to take action after they’ve read a story:

-Why didn’t I think of that: When searching Twitter for people on the ground in breaking news situations, think what they’re broadcasting to the world: “I just saw…” “I’m OK…” “My (relation) works at …” Plus remember to SCREENSHOT EVERYTHING. In a matter of seconds, someone deletes a tweet or takes their account offline. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
-Video vision: Lots of people don’t listen to the audio on Facebook videos (because they’re at work, on the train, slyly scrolling in a meeting), so your video has to convey a point without sound. Add text, add graphics—make sure people can get the gist.
-Talking traffic: At USATODAY, 65 percent of traffic is on mobile. Mobile gets priority in their newsroom, for example when it comes to creating graphics. They have #MobileMonday where staffers are encouraged to use their phones to see how work translates there. (The same day, NYTimes announced it was blocking homepage access at its office.)


-Homepage? What homepage? NowThis News is only on social media now. They figure that’s where the audience is, so why coax them to their page when they can live on the social network? That in mind, each social network and its audience are unique—there is no one-size-fits-all approach to social. Their rule: If you wouldn’t share the story, don’t do the story.

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