Back at it: Lady rockers, doc films and more

So…um…hey guys. Yeah, I’ve totally been neglecting my website. *slaps hand*

I feel like I need to get back at this. I’m not quite sure of what it’s going to be. Probably a mixture of stuff I’d Yelp about and The Love List and the lint in my coat pocket. We’ll try it on for size; see how it goes.

So let’s just dive in. A few things I’m obsessed with at the moment and need to discuss:

  • HAIM (pronounced to rhyme with “time”). Y’all. Why didn’t anyone tell me about them?! It’s like if Fleetwood Mac and Feist had three badass babies who happened to be sisters and formed a rock band. I’ve listened to their latest album about four times in 48 hours.

I first found out about HAIM via Taylor Swift’s Instagram account, which I hate-read (hate-scroll?) from time to time (like in bed at 5 a.m.). Apparently the HAIM ladies are going on tour with T-Swiz, and I looked them up to see what trash they sang. And then I kind of loved it. Taylor Swift, why must you put your claws into cool things? Lena Dunham, then Lorde, now HAIM? Also I love the weird dancing in this video:

  • Meru. Hubs and I saw this documentary at Sundance on Sunday.

Let me preface this by saying I give not two shits about mountain climbing. Just not interested. But this movie about three dudes trying to summit Mount Meru isn’t a “climbing movie.” It’s a movie about strength, passion, self-doubt and determination. And the guys who were climbing this huge peak in the Himalayas, where they likely could’ve died at any moment, FILMED IT ALL THEMSELVES. Imagine hanging by a rope 18,000 feet in the air with a camera. Insane. The cinematography is breathtaking. The story is inspiring. Go see it.

  • Call Your Girlfriend. Podcasts are uber trendy right now (just ask Alex Blumberg). I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this one, but I quickly fell in love. The ‘cast’s tagline is “A podcast for long-distance besties everywhere.” It’s like someone produced you and your best ladyfriends’ banter. There are listener letters about friendship problems, musings on pop culture, a segment they call “This Week in Menstruation” where they discuss things like the pros and cons of IUDs and more.

I converted Hannah, and she’s been so smitten, she sent them a listener question (more of a comment) about the infuriating and condescending handmade signs that often grace the stall doors in the lady’s room (you know, the ones telling you “Don’t even think about flushing your tampon, or else you’ll RUIN EVERYTHING!”). I’ve known many a man to try to flush inappropriate items—are there signs in the bathroom berating them too? Anyway, they actually discussed Hannah’s question, which makes her my shero.

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