Customer service through social media

Have you ever tried to get in touch with someone via email, and they just refuse to answer you?

I was running into this problem with a bakery I was hoping to work with for my upcoming wedding. I initially contacted them to see what they offered. I got a response a few days later (which, to someone who nearly always responds to emails within 24 hours, seemed like a lifetime). Last week I shot them another email wanting to finalize an order. No response. This week I sent another email. No response. I was getting anxious – wedding planning has been stressful, and I wanted to get things nailed down. I even went to the bakery’s brick and mortar location and was told I needed to contact the person via email (the same one I’d been trying to reach).

Yesterday I was on the bakery’s Facebook page when I noticed its Twitter feed. Though my emails were going unreturned, I saw that tweets were posted multiple times per day – one even within the last two hours. I quickly sent them a tweet:




Later that day, I got a call about my order. Success! Feel the power of social media! Maybe this was the best way to get their attention. Or maybe they were worried a potential customer would see they hadn’t responded to me. Either way, I was pleased as punch. And I know my guests will be too when they taste these pies – YUM.

I’ve found Twitter is a great way to connect with companies and get a quick response without waiting on hold with a 1-800 number. I’ve contacted both TOMS Shoes and BlackBerry to ask a question or for help with something, and it’s been very effective. I salute you, companies of Twitter, for embracing a new medium!

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