Weather forecast wrong, people angry

I was once told in a television news class I took as an undergrad that the number one reason people watch the local nightly news is this: the weather.

My fiance’s mother is one of these people. Each night she turns on the local NBC affiliate, promptly takes a 40 minute cat-nap and has someone awake her to hear the next day’s temperature.

Today angry tweeters took to the Internet to proclaim their dismay that popular Chicago weather guy Tom Skilling got today’s nearly 100 degree forecast wrong. It was barely 75 degrees at 2 p.m.
Here’s a nice shot of what it looked like today via a tumblr user:

Tom Skilling became a trending topic on Twitter in Chicago as people voiced their anger at the incorrect forecast. Not much mention of other meteorologists:
RedEye gave its take here.

Fact errors? Small potatoes. Just don’t get our weather wrong!

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